Derry City and Strabane District Council have a new Mayoral fob – designed in Derry by Faller

Rivers & Salmon – Derry City & Strabane District Region encompasses a large part of the River Faughan and the Foyle Fishery System, rivers that are renowned for their Atlantic salmon.

O’ Neill’s Castle – Built in 1320 and situated half a mile south-west of Newtownstewart this castle was one of only a few that were built in stone at that time (most were built in wood). Tyrone was the traditional stronghold of the various O’Neill clans, surviving into the seventeenth century, and the ancient principality of Tír Eoghan, the inheritance of the O’Neills, included the whole of the present counties of Tyrone and Derry.

Strabane Bridge – This bridge was built in 1788 to replace the original ferry service. Built in heavy stone with seven arches in the contemporary style of the time.

“Let The Dance Begin” Sculpture – This 18 foot sculpture of 3 musicians and 2 dancers has become Strabane’s most well known landmark. Known locally as “Tinnies” it is located on the site of the old border checkpoint and it represents a confluence of minds and ideas, where the richness of the traditions of North and South merge in harmony and strength.

Peace Bridge – The cycle and foot bridge opened in June 2011, embraced by all the citizens it has radically changed the way people perceive the city of Derry.

Guildhall – One of Derry’s most recognisable landmarks the and has been a part of city life since 1890. It is home to the City Council’s chamber and the Mayor’s Parlour.

Shipquay Gate & Derry Walls – Derry is the only remaining completely walled city in Ireland and one of the finest examples of Walled Cities in Europe. The Walls were built during the period 1613-1618 as defences for early seventeenth century settlers from England and Scotland. One of the 4 original Gates is represented in this design.

Oakleaf & Acorn – The oak is the traditional symbol for Derry City. The name Derry is an an Anglicization of the Irish name Daire or Doire meaning “oak grove”.


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