A song written and performed by Noel Sweeney to raise awareness and much needed financial support for the Northwest Simon Community.

In October 2014 during a driving lesson in Dublin Noel Sweeney passed a homeless man sitting on a Bridge with a coffee cup begging. He glibly commented about the misfortune of the man, and the client in the driving lesson said “don’t you know Noel – were ALL only 2 Pay Cheques away from where that man is”.

The notion stuck with Noel some time later inspired him to write the song “Two Pay Cheques Away” which tracks the decent of a relatively successful family man to homelessness in a very short period of time.

North West Simon Community is a not for profit organisation working with those at risk of homelessness in counties Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo. The organisation works in partnership with statutory and voluntary service providers. North West Simon Community is an affiliate of the Simon Communities of Ireland comprising 8 Simon Communities throughout the country and the national office in Dublin.

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