Jeannie Curran is a married mum of four, born and raised in the beautiful city of Derry, Ireland. Since early childhood, she has had a love affair with reading. Aspirations grew within her to take the huge step of putting pen to paper. Finding the time was never going to be easy when juggling a busy family life. Somehow, however, she managed to achieve what she thought was the unimaginable. The end result, her debut novel, is set in her hometown of Derry, Ireland.

Sally Mc Quire is twenty-six years old and lives in the very beautiful City of Derry, Ireland. Ten years ago, the love of her short life left for Spain, promising to write every week. Sally is left heartbroken as she never hears from him again. Until now. When Mal does get in touch, it’s not with her, and Sally’s heart and mind is in turmoil. Kisses will follow, but will their young love survive the ten years apart? Does fireball Mal have a good enough excuse for not keeping his promise?

Available in Easons and on Amazon

Available on Amazon

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