Before the outbreak of WW1, Laura lived at 6 Bayview Terrace, on Asylum Road, currently the premises of accountancy firm, Mc Cambridge’s. Laura Marion Gailey was the youngest daughter of William Gailey, stationer, and Margaret Elizabeth Gailey .

William Gailey had served his apprenticeship as a printer, and was afterwards in business with a brother-in-law in the Strand Road, before he commenced the stationery business in Waterloo Place with which his name was for so long associated.

Gailey’s in Waterloo Place remained in family hands until the mid-1930’s until bought over by the McClure family who respectfully continued to trade under the Gailey family name. The shop was bombed by the Provisional IRA in July 1972.

Gailey’s newsagents and stationer’s plied their trade roughly where Poundworld and the Foyle Hospice shop now do business in Waterloo Place

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